Mailbag: Is this any good or not? Kevin from St. Paul and Expired Film

Mailbag: Kameraklatch Reader's Questions

Kevin in St Paul Wisconson asks:

Dear Kameraklatch,

Today I received over 150 rolls of expired film (for free).

The films expired 2/2006, 4/2006, and 5/2007. I want to know if these are still good and how long they will stay for.

the 2/2006 rolls are Kodak 400

the 4/2006 rolls are Kodak HD 400

and the 5/2007 rolls are Fujifilm Super HQ 200

Please advise.

Dear Kevin,

All outdated film is bad. In fact, using outdated film can ruin your digital camera. To properly dispose of, mail to Kameraklatch, c/o Michael Halberstadt, 1070 Marina Village Pkwy, Suite 204, Alameda, CA 94501