Mailbag. Is This Any Good or Not?: Rodenstock 300 APO Ronar f9

Sabah Habas Mustapha writes from Szegerely:

A question for the lens-heads...

The Ronar 300mm, is it optimized for close-up and copy work or infinity? I'd like to use it for architecture - usually in the 25' to infinity range... or I can relegate it to copy work of blueprints and get another for 5x7 fieldwork. Mine is Serial #8675309 in Copal 1 shutter f9 to f90, with 49 filter thread and a silver Rodenstock quality seal. It came with my 8x10 copy camera from a local lab, which is why I ask.

Any ideas where my happy aperture for infinity would be?? f22 is my guess. I shoot 5x7 and 4x5 with it in the field.

Thanks in advance for the expertise.       


I'm sorry to inform you that your Apo Ronar is crap. Please send it to Michael Halberstadt c/o Kameraklatch, Kamerklatch Tower, 1070 Marina Village Parkway, Mailstop 204, Alameda, CA 94501 and we will properly dispose of it for you.