Mailbag: Is this any good or not? Outdated 5x7 Delta by Doug McKenzie in Lake Elsinore, ON



Doug McKenzie from Lake Elsinore in Ontario Canada writes:

Hi, got 100 plus 7x5 sheets of Delta 100 film which is outdated by 4 years. It has been in the fridge all of the time since I have no darkroom as yet. Would it be ok or would I have to give it extra Dev time or what. Or would it still be ok? I have 24x20 paper the same. Not been in fridge but been wrapped in silver foil but again kept cool. What do you think? 

Hi Doug,

Sorry to inform you of this, eh..... but your film is no good.  

Wrap it up carefully and send to: Kameraklatch, c/o Michael Halberstadt, 1070 Marina Village Pkwy, Suite 204, Alameda, CA 94501